Slewing Drive

Slewing Drive

A slewing drive is also called slewing gear drive or slewing reducer, etc. It is typically used in aerospace area, solar power systems, wind turbines, satellite broadcasting system, and engineering machinery like truck cranes, and man lifts, etc. Recently years, it has been prosperously used in photovoltaic power generation systems.

Slewing drives usually come with different applications. For instance, according to the raceway diameter of the slewing ring, a slewing drive can be classified into WD-080, WD-0130, WD-0170, WD-0223, WD-0343, WD-0419, WD-0478, and WD-0625 series, etc. in the international market. In the model, W and D refer to Worm and Drive respectively.
In China, most slewing drive manufacturers divide slewing drive into SE3, SE5, SE7, SE9, SE12, SE14, SE17, SE21, and SE25 series, etc. In the model, S and E refer to slewing and enclose respectively and the number refers to the raceway diameter of the slewing ring in inch.

When a slewing drive is used in solar energy industry, users have to choose an ideal one according to the actual area of solar panels. Broadly speaking, SE3 slewing drive is suitable for solar power system coming with 3- 5 m2 solar panel, SE7 for 10-17 m2 solar panel, SE9 for 18-30 m2, SE12 for 31-45 m2, and SE14 for 46-60 m2. These are provided for your reference. For more specific and detailed information, please contact us directly.

A slewing drive is usually composed of a slewing ring, worm, casting housing, and standard components like bearing and bolts, etc. While used in photovoltaic power generation system, the slewing drive is usually used in combination with DC planetary speed reducer motor and AC speed reducer motor. While used in engineering equipment, it is regularly used in combination with hydraulic motor to function as power driving system.

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